I'm a freelancing engineer.
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What I do.

Software Engineering

Five years of experience working with big and small companies, helping out with both backend and frontend development.

Product Management

Prioritizing and deciding what to focus on next is a critical part of creating a great product.

User Experience

Creating intuitive user interfaces and working close with designers to create a beautiful experience is a passion.


Things I've worked on.

Acast iOS App

Obj-C, Swift, Node JS, iOS, Azure, UX

Wrapp iOS App

Obj-C, Swift, UX, iOS

Blocket iOS App

Obj-C, iOS, UX

Cookin iOS App

Swift, CloudKit


Who I am.

C├ęsar Pinto Castillo

iOS Engineer, UX Designer & Product Manager

An experienced iOS Engineer with a passion for creating intuitive user experiences and insanely great products.